let's bring summer back nc

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From the NCDHHS, a vaccination campaign focused on an open and safe summer

“COVID-19 vaccines are our best shot to bring back summer and get everyone safely back to the people, places and activities they love. So, we are launching the Bringing Summer Back initiative, a fun, flexible, community-centered approach to help every organization and individual stop the spread of COVID-19 by urging friends and neighbors to get vaccinated.”

“While the group says great progress has been made vaccinating millions North Carolinians, there’s plenty to do. :By engaging organizations across the state in a fun, customizable get-out-the-vaccine campaign, we hope to raise awareness of the benefits of vaccination and to make sure that everyone who wants a vaccine can get one,” says the website.

Five step process on how your organization can be a hero!

  1. Register your organization as a partner in Bringing Summer Back.
  2. Download the Bringing Summer Back partner toolkit.
  3. Begin planning a campaign tailored to your community.
  4. Run your campaign during one or all of the following weeks:
    • May 9-15, register by April 30 to receive printed materials
    • May 16-21, register by May 7 to receive printed materials
    • June 6-12, register by May 28 to receive printed materials
    • June 20-26, register by June 11 to receive printed materials

5.  Share your efforts with us.