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The Elephant Antidote, the hard conversations in congregations

  How to talk about difficult issues in congregational life   By Chris Gambill Earlier this year, we published a piece about how most congregations probably have at least one “elephant”—a salient issue that no one dares to talk about—in their sanctuary. Elephants remain ensconced because a prevailing myth that “talking about it makes things […]

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Jesus was a Wetback, Too

  A Reflection on Mark 1:4-13   By Francis Rivers I recently participated in a “Strangers to Neighbors” dinner at a local congregation. This program, begun by FaithAction International House in Greensboro, brings together over a meal members of predominately Anglo congregations and members of the new immigrant community. So people who don’t often interact […]

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Never wasted; never fails

    By Gary Gunderson Interesting days to be a preacher. Five days after our new president was inaugurated, I found myself preaching at a progressive United Methodist Church across town — its head pastor bailed out to California and asked me to fill the pulpit. And last week, a few hours after the new […]

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Connection is Medicine: A Discovery for 21st Century Health

      By Gary Gunderson An institution dedicated to healing is naturally nice to people when they are patients. And a leading academic research institution such as Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is smart about the diseases of its patients. But there’s some new 21st century creative magic happening at Wake Forest Baptist—developing roles […]

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