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Chapel, Meditation Room & Worship Services

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FaithHealth Chaplaincy and Clinical Ministries provides and supports a variety of worship services in the Davis Chapel and monitors the use for religious services and other activities in the Comprehensive Cancer Center Meditation Room.

Worship Services and Other Religious Services

Regular, ecumenical worship opportunities are provided in the Davis Memorial Chapel, located on the first floor of Watlington Hall. Regular scheduled services include:

  • Sunday morning worship at 10:00 a.m.
  • Monday Intercessory prayer 12 noon
  • Wednesday Worship service 12 noon
  • Friday Intercessory prayer 12 noon

Worship services are also offered on the 1st floor of the J. Paul Sticht Center every Sunday at 12 noon.

The Chapel also affords a space for patients, families, and staff to come for quiet prayer and reflection.  The Davis Chapel is open 24 hours a day. Those attending services should feel free to dress informally.

The Brenner Children’s Hospital Meditation Room is located on the second floor of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. This room, which also affords a space for patients, families and staff to come for quiet prayer and reflection, is open every day. Other services are held in the Meditation Room at various times during the year. The Meditation Room is also used for various activities for cancer patients and their families. A Mindfulness Meditation Class is being held during the month of May. For more information about the Meditation Room, or to schedule an event, please contact Chaplain Bradley at 336-716-9474.

The Muslim Jummah service is held in the Meditation Room every Friday at 12 noon.

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