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CareNet provides wellness opportunities, education, and counseling services to clergy and congregations across the state of North Carolina. This year, CareNet will provide approximately 40,000 hours of counseling services to people of faith in state state. They have developed formal and cooperative relationships as faith-integrated behavioral health providers with five denominations and countless local congregations across the state.

CareNet has provided this resource as one of the results of a collaborations with The Duke Endowment and FaithHealth. Congregational Mental Health Literacy is designed to provide clergy and congregational leaders with resources to use in worship/preaching, education, spiritual practices, and pastoral care in and through congregations.

The foundational scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7, used by writers for this version align with CareNet’s Million Acts of Kindness campaign, which began with a large community rally last fall and has been continued through the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools as a way to reduce incidents of bullying among youth and children in our community.

Read the resources, find creative ways to use them in your congregations. Contact CareNet:

This congregational mental health literacy resource includes:

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You may also read online the full version of the Congregational Mental Health Literacy resource.