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FaithHealth-Gaston’s work with seniors featured in Gaston Gazette

What happens when you’re discharged from the hospital and have no one to support you and no way to get to your next appointment? The Gaston Gazette recently ran an article on FaithHealth-Gaston’s work with seniors and others.

“What happens after discharge is arguably just as important as what happens while a patient is in the hospital and can dramatically influence the outcome for a patient,” Lisa Marisiddaiah, RN and manager of FaithHealth-Gaston told the Gazette. “FaithHealth-Gaston is based on the premise that faith groups play a key role in advancing the health of individuals during times of illness and especially through prevention and overall wellness.” The article continues:

FaithHealth-Gaston is comprised of a community coordinator, congregational volunteers, two connectors and two Supporters of Health (health advocates). These Supporters of Health are vital to the program because they assist patients with more complex healthcare situations such as helping a client complete a Medicaid and Disability application, offering referral assistance to social services or connecting a client to a primary care physician.

FaithHealth-Gaston celebrated their one-year anniversary in May, and last month, CaroMont Health staff and volunteers attended a breakfast at CaroMont Regional Medical Center to celebrate the program and learn about the impact it has made in the community. In just over a year, the program has recruited more than 100 trained volunteers representing 40 congregations in Gaston County, and more than 115 clients have enrolled and received assistance like LeMar Glenn [pictured above in center] who before FaithHealth-Gaston, had no support system in place.

Read the article HERE.

Photo: Gaston Gazette


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