Helping Hand: Healthcare Financial Navigation Lets You Know Before You Owe 

Our Wake Forest Baptist Health promise to care for you and keep you safe isn’t just about your clinical care – it includes your financial health, too. 

We understand that meeting your health needs financially can be complicated, especially without insurance. As your healthcare partner, we can be your guide to more than great healthcare – we can also connect you to funding resources and a payment plan that’s right for you. We want you to know the cost of healthcare before you receive care from us so there are no surprises. Your peace of mind matters at Wake Forest Baptist Health. 

 Our Financial Counseling team would like to connect with you before you schedule your next appointment so that your financial counseling partner can provide estimates based on any discounts you’re eligible for, identify government coverage or other programs you may qualify for, and create reasonable, no-interest payment plans. You may meet by phone or in person. 

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