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A statewide network of counselors

Started in 1972, CareNet Counseling has a rich history of trusted and effective care. as a nonprofit mental health counseling. Today, the 32 CareNet counseling centers across North Carolina provide care to people in 80 counties and four adjoining states. Services include counseling for adults, young children, teens, families, seniors and couples. Besides individual counseling, the organization offers group counseling, premarital counseling and counseling for ministers.

The professional counselors on the CareNet team represent a wide variety of disciplines, including clinical psychology, professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, clinical social work and substance abuse counseling. Each clinical staff member is licensed in his or her respective discipline, and all have graduate degrees in a mental health field. Many are also graduates of accredited divinity programs, and some are ordained ministers.

CareNet’s statewide network serves clients with nearly 50,000 hours of caring and compassionate counseling each year. Additionally, over $500,000 in free and reduced care services are provided annually to those who show financial need.

“But, the real impact cannot accurately be measured with numbers,” says the new site. “Lives transformed, marriages saved, relationships strengthened, families supported and individuals healed – those are the impacts that mean the most to us and to our communities.”

Features of the CareNet site

The new site helps people find the center nearest to where they live. It also lets people know if there is a workshop or educational opportunity in their area. You can see who serves on the local boards, learn of volunteer or fundraising opportunities, and find openings for jobs and residencies.

“Our new website enables those who are searching for care to find it quickly due to the ease of navigation to the CareNet location nearest them,” says CareNet’s president Steven Scoggin. “I’m also excited about this site for the integrated picture it provides of our network as a counseling, education, training and research clinical ministry network. In that sense our new web-site tells our story of a ministry committed to care for individuals and families who are struggling with life’s stresses but also the importance of prevention and wellness and its impact on our communities.”

The site also offers a number of resources, such as the free and anonymous online depression screening, a tool that is effective in linking at-risk individuals with the appropriate treatment options.

A resource for the whole community

Besides traditional counseling over its 40 years, CareNet has become an extender of existing services, rather than just a referral resource. So it now provides ongoing support for patients as they participate in recovery or treatment plans and to educate the public about mental health challenges in our local communities, for example:

  • Educating communities on the importance of identifying and addressing depression and suicide
  • Increasing access to care for the uninsured and underinsured
  • Deepening awareness of substance abuse issues (specifically the opioid epidemic) and educating the public about the path to recovery
  • Broadening outreach to aging and senior population

CareNet hopes to launch a statewide campaign to raise awareness for the importance of addressing and preventing depression and suicide in our local communities.

“CareNet is a smart longstanding partnership between faith partners and healthcare to provide the highest possible quality counseling to people regardless of their ability to pay,” says Gary Gunderson, vice president of Faith and Health at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. “Although it’s had a great reputation for 40 years, this website marks an opportunity to let the light shine out from under the bushel.”

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