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Interview with Teresa Cutts on Community Assets Mapping

faith health north carolina

Cycles of Incarceration

Executive Report

Cycles of Incarceration Powerpoint

Jail Healthcare 101 Powerpoint

Behavioral Health Mapping, 2016

Executive Report

Behavioral Health Seeker Report

Behavioral Health Provider Report

Food Pathways Mapping, Forsyth County, 2015

Final Food Seeker Report Wentz

Final Hispanic CHAMP Food Pathways Report- July 2015


NewLightFoodPathwaysReport Final

Summer Campaign, 2014

CHAMP Summer Campaign Summary, 2014

East Winston Mappings, 2014

PowerPoint: East Winston Mapping, 2014

Executive Summary East Winston Mapping, 2014

Peter’s Creek Parkway Mappings, 2014

PowerPoint: Peters Creek Parkway, 2014

Peter’s Creek Parkway Executive SummaryAugust8-92014final

Peter’s Creek Parkway Provider Mapping, 2014

Peter’s Creek Parkway Seeker

Executive_SummaryEastWinstonCHAMPJune27-282014, 2014

Hispanic/Latino Mappings, 2014

PowerPoint: Hispanic:Latino Mapping

Interview with Francis Rivers: Mapping in the Hispanic/Latino Community

Executive Summary Hispanic Mapping Report, 2014

Hispanic Seeker Mapping Report, 2014

Executive Report-Forsyth County Mapping (in Spanish), 2014


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